del software gestionale Vittoria RMS


Vittoria RMS is a management and control software.

It’s a complete system that helps the organization in risk management, retention and availability of documents, carrying out of activities and duties for:

Safety, Quality, Environment and Social Accountability
> Corporate liability
> Chemical Risk
> Human Resources Management and Training
> Interference Risk Assessment, site contractors management and Cloud storage/sharing of information between clients and suppliers.
> Machine and Equipment Management
> Health Surveillance Management and Computerized Management System of Medical Checks and Health Records
>Identification and description of company process flows
> Enterprise risk management

Define the organization background

The module ERM by Vittoria RMS helps you in impact evaluation and enterprise risk management. Each business model is integrated with the ANALYSIS of pure, strategic, financial and organizational risks in your Organization.

Manage Legal Compliance

 Vittoria RMS offers a reliable method for managing legal procedures and regulatory requirements.
The aim of a legal compliance management is to avoid financial penalties or fines and damage to organizational or individual reputation with regard to clients and stakeholders.

Carry out a complete risk analysis

Vittoria RMS introduces new methods for the definition of organization contexts as well as risk assessment and integrates them into corporate processes. Thanks to this approach it will be easy to plan protection measures and turn risks in opportunities. Vittoria RMS is an excellent software for risk management.


The resilience is the ability of an organization to anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt to incremental change and sudden disruptions in order to survive and prosper.

Manage Workplace Injuries

Events and issues are recorded thanks to a new methodology that guarantees the involvement and participation of company personnel. Communication and information diffusion become easier.

The multilingual software for workplace injury management allows you to have always at your disposal: injury registers, statistics, incident indicators and incident analysis as well as risk factors analysis, preventive measures evaluation, deadlines and reports. Discover the software Safety.

Implement activities

Vittoria RMS helps you to adapt activities to the needs, time/complexity of the Client Organization.

Suppliers can access to data 24/h thanks to a replication system and a daily back-up.

Failures detection
SI&T monitors Vittoria RMS functionality through automatic detection of software failures. Alerts are sent in real time to support service which is always at your disposal.

Guaranteed operational functionality
– Annual uptime of 100% with electricity supply and/or air-conditioning;
–Annual uptime of 99, 95% for internet access to the virtual infrastructures created for the clients.


A customer satisfaction survey shows that Vittoria RMS:

  • 90%

    90% of persons interviewed said that it improves the quality of work

     Vittoria RMS is considered useful for carrying out work activities and optimizing human resources by more than 90% of our customers.

  • 60%

    60% of persons interviewed stated it facilitates results presentation

    In 60% of cases Vittoria RMS facilitates the presentation of outcomes during audits and to submit them to top management and certifying bodies.

  • 90%

    90% of persons interviewed affirmed it brings about time and money - saving

    Vittoria RMS allows more than 90% of our customers to  save time and money in management system implementation and consulting.

  • 70%

    70% of persons interviewed said it’s easy to use

    The initial phase for software implementation is considerably short.