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An effective audit with Vittoria RMS

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The conduct of the audits, if well done and if you want to make it effective, is a complex process that requires highly evolved and integrated tools.

Vittoria RMS has therefore developed a module dedicated to auditing and to the management of activities derived from the evidence that emerged during their execution.

Vittoria RMS and its tools for audit control

The Vittoria RMS module integrates several indispensable tools for auditing such as:

  • A tool for planning and programming audits
  • A tool to create the check lists to be completed during the inspections.
  • An APP available on mobile devices for the carrying out audits, also off-line. This tool is useful for the collection of evidences useful for the preparation of the report, notes, observations and non-conformities.
  • A control panel for the preparation of the audit report and to quickly integrate:
    • Information about interviewee
    • Data on the audit and its management
    • Information that emerged during the gathering of evidences
    • The classification of observations and non-compliance
    • The actions that must follow the evidence
    • The check of effectiveness.

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