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Management and assessment of chemical risk

Chemical risk assessmentChemical risk assessmentChemical risk
Chemical risk assessmentChemical riskChemical risk

As noted in Legislative Decree 81/08 and subsequent amendments, the risk assessment is carried out by the employer (non-delegable obligation, pursuant to Article 17, paragraph 1, letter a), in collaboration with the Manager of the Service of Prevention and Protection and the Occupational Physician, in the cases referred to in art. 41.

The assessment of the chemical risk is a continuous process that involves the analysis of the safety data sheets of the used products.

Vittoria RMS and the chemical risk

Through the classification of the Safety Data Sheet and the evaluation of the methods of use, integrated with measurements on field, Vittoria RMS is able to guarantee the correct management of the chemical risk, as requested to the employer.

The access of workers to safety data sheets and usage and toxicological information helps the employer to complete the information and training obligations.

The advantages of effective chemical risk management