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Management of company personnel with Vittoria RMS

Vittoria RMS | Company personnel managementPersonnel managementVittoria RMS | Personnel managementPersonnel managementVittoria RMS | Company personnel managementCompany personnel management

Having all the information related to human resources in a single point is essential for a fast and reliable search in case of control or verification. With Vittoria RMS, the management of company personnel has never been so simple.

The Vittoria RMS modules for personnel management

Vittoria RMS modules work in an integrated way and, when they collect information on human resources, they archive them to retrieve them quickly. The human resource register can be updated by connecting to other management systems such as payroll processing programs or any other database already in use.

Our solution allows the collection of information in a single environment, for each resource, such as: tasks, training, documentation relating to courses and employee compliance with company specifications, risks, training, training gaps to be filled, behavioral observations (BBS), PPE distributed and to be assigned, injuries, diseases and much more all in one platform. It is possible to describe and organize company organization charts and define roles and responsibilities by integrating them with management systems. Every risk associated with the employee is kept under control in a well-integrated management system. Employee activities can be managed in a new way. Organizing employee training and getting their participation becomes quick and easy.

The company personnel management system can be integrated with any presence detection device already in use in the company.

The Time-Sheet module of Vittoria RMS

With the integration of the Vittoria RMS Time-Sheet module it is possible to record the accesses and manage all information useful for employee compensation, reimbursement and reporting of activities for cost centers. In addition, the daily diary allows you to integrate information on the management of job orders and collect details on the activities assigned to each resource.


Benefits of Vittoria RMS