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Company risk management

Company Risk ManagementCompany Risk ManagementRisk ManagementCompany RiskCompany Risk ManagementCompany Risk

Risk management is a fundamental aspect for protecting the value of your company.

We believe in the need to keep the activities under control and to involve the collaborators in the management of the conscious business risk with an agile, integrated and complete tool.

The company risk according to Vittoria RMS

Vittoria RMS is the first software able to map any business risk and to configure the right solution in a concrete and operational way. With the ultimate aim of offering its customers an immediate and advantageous solution, Vittoria RMS management control software is able to:

  • Define the context of an organization, assessing the impacts and management of business risk for each business model
  • Manage regulatory compliance by proposing a proven method for managing procedures and respecting the rules, in order not to incur penalties
  • Analyze all risks, referring to the contexts in which the organization moves and teaching to plan strategies to defend against risks with a view to converting them into opportunities
  • Measure resilience, that is the ability to maintain profitability in the face of market changes or external stress
  • Manage injuries, providing companies with numerous tools such as the accident register, the management of an accident investigation, the analysis of risk factors, deadlines and reports, etc.
  • Implement activities, adapting them to the needs, times and complexities of the client's organization

The advantages of our company risk management software