Software Vittoria RMS

An efficient environmental management system according to ISO 14001

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The industrial world has realized that managing its activities while preserving the environment as much as possible has become a matter of primary importance.

The adoption of an Environmental Management System (EMS), in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard, allows the company to reorganize the whole activity in a more efficient manner, defining the skills of the employees more clearly, organizing the monitoring and control activities and preparing to react effectively to any emergency situations.

Environmental management and its characteristics

Environmental management requires companies to organize their system based not only on compliance with environmental laws, but also on the continuous improvement of behavior towards the surrounding environment.

The philosophy of an environmental management system leads to considering the environment and natural resources as collective assets, nevertheless, it affirms the social and economic importance of enhancing and respecting them through conscious and organic management. Environmental management is not just a burden. If it is integrated into the corporate strategy, it can become an element of strong competitiveness. Furthermore, compliance with environmental legislation effectively ensures business continuity in the event of control or environmental emergencies.

Vittoria RMS: for environmental management according to ISO 1400

Vittoria RMS is designed as a system to facilitate the management, archiving and retrieval of documentation required in terms of Environmental Impact in full compliance with the ISO 14001 standard.

Thanks to Vittoria RMS it is possible to computerize every aspect of the standard:

  • the assessment of the environmental aspects, the management of legal requirements and surveillances becomes simple and quick with Vittoria RMS
  • the check of regulatory compliance and authorizations is guided by careful and immediate reports.
  • it is possible to archive and digitize any type of document and registration. Each surveillance can be computerized to make the analysis of environmental performance always available.
  • environmental improvement is guaranteed by the same order created by the management system
  • the definition of the context, the management of documentation, audits, training and corrective actions, incident management and emergencies can be integrated with the other elements of the management system with a true process approach.

The advantages of Vittoria RMS