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Health and safety at work according to the ISO 45001 standard


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The management of health and safety at work is increasingly complex and complex. It requires continuous monitoring of the progress of activities as well as the control and involvement of employees together with perfect integration with management systems.

Each requirement of ISO 45001 management systems is managed by an integrated process aimed at transferring behaviors and activities to employees for their involvement and control. Everything is under control in a single environment to ensure health and safety at work: from risk assessment, regulatory compliance to improvement objectives up to IPR management.

Health & Safety in Vittoria RMS

The Vittoria RMS solution for health and safety at work is perfectly integrated with all company processes and resources. Vittoria RMS is the only management system compliant with the new requirements of ISO 45001 as it allows a risk assessment oriented to company processes and not only for task or risk factor. Furthermore, it integrates risk analysis and control into the processes.

The Safety module contains powerful tools for the management of regulatory compliance as for example the access to legal requirements that permits the careful monitoring of documentation and records. Surveillance activities are implemented so as always to ensure the compliance of the employer both in the planning phase and in the supervision phase. A powerful dashboard perfectly displays all the performance data of the safety management system for a quick and accurate presentation of information to the Management.

The answer to the needs of health and safety at work

Our solution for the management of health and safety at work allows to solve the following needs:

  • risk assessment at a unique level of depth and detail
  • management of regulatory compliance
  • surveillance plan
  • archiving evidence of all the activities performed for operational control
  • reminder and storage of the automatic reminder and supervision activities of the employer
  • management of near accidents, injuries and illnesses
  • improvements and observations and management of activities (task management)
  • safety audits
  • staff involvement
  • management and distribution of PPE

Vittoria RMS: the correct management of health and safety at work