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Training and management of human resources

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Updating and strengthening staff skills are fundamental aspects for a company.

Vittoria RMS for a correct management of human resources

The Training di Vittoria RMS software is useful for training and management of human resources. It allows, as well, the processing of archived data, comparing staff profiles and the course catalog in order to understand training needs easily and quickly.

The reports, simple and always up-to-date, allow you to monitor the skills of human resources compared to the requirements defined by the management systems and to plan training interventions. We are not talking about a simple container of data, but a real management system that allows you to follow all the processes of planning, delivery and verification of the training of human resources.

Thanks to Vittoria RMS it is possible to analyze the data and obtain the compliance of personnel with multiple requirements such as:

  • Job skills
  • Enabling specific job tasks
  • Corporate training plan
  • Obligations of directives such as the region status agreement
  • Other corporate obligations.

The main advantages of Vittoria RMS