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Planning the maintenance and risk assessment of machines and work equipment is both a fundamental activity for the company, but also a requirement according to current legislation.

Failure to maintain the machines can cause breakdowns and malfunctions and, in the worst cases, it may cause serious injuries. If not managed correctly, these events can stop production and cause economic damage to the company. Furthermore, in the event of an accident, the owner of the company is liable to prosecution.

In order for equipment and machines to be kept safe and efficient, it is essential to manage the maintenance plan and at the same time easily access data and documentation related to all activities and requirements related to machinery and equipment.

Our software for the management and maintenance of equipment

Thanks to Vittoria RMS it is possible to create machine maintenance plans, assign monitoring activities and perform machine risk assessment in compliance with the provisions of the new Machine Directive, all in an effective and fast way. All collected data are easily available and always up-to-date.

In case of extraordinary maintenance or unforeseen events, it is possible to report events, create an approval workflow and trace the measures implemented.

The main advantages of Vittoria RMS:

  • Valutazione dei rischi delle macchine e gestione dei pericoli
  • Attività di monitoraggio e miglioramento
  • Report semplici e sempre aggiornati

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