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Management systems according to ISO standards

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95% of customers who use Vittoria RMS have purchased it for the computerization of management systems. Almost all of them have more than one certified scheme to be managed according to ISO standards: quality, environment, safety, ethics and social responsibility. Compliance with standards is fully manageable through the right combination of software modules.

A single view of the processes and a computerized integrated management system to reduce paper and redundancies. Vittoria RMS has followed this vision from the beginning, ten years ago. The high-level structure, based on the ISO standard, is now recognized as the only one to pursue to achieve the integration of management systems.

Vittoria RMS: your solution for management systems

Vittoria RMS includes a module for the management, drafting and sharing of company procedures. You can create precise workflows for drafting, reviewing and approving procedures. A unique support for the drafting of forms and documentation makes managers independent without needing special IT skills. This allows a considerable reduction in costs in the implementation phase.

Through the portal, each employee can access documentation, control assigned activities and actively participate in the management of the systems.

Main benefits of Vittoria RMS