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The management of regulatory compliance with Vittoria RMS

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Vittoria RMS arises from the long experience of consultants engaged in ensuring the regulatory compliance of customer organizations both with the applicable legal requirements and with those that they voluntarily underwrite.

The maintenance of regulatory compliance is a complex process that starts from the identification of the applicable legal requirements, their archiving and the classification of the obligations that derive for the organization from the requirements. A fulfillment provides periodical activities that the organization must demonstrate to comply with, along with the documentation of the authorizations.

Vittoria RMS as a solution for your regulatory compliance

All these activities are fully considered in the various Vittoria RMS modules. The system covers all the risk aspects of an organization, from quality to the environment, to safety, ethics and 231 and much more. All legislative aspects, which involve a risk for the Organization are contemplated in the process of verification of regulatory compliance structured in Vittoria RMS..

The advantages of Vittoria RMS